ACER Company History

Acer Company History - Acer is a Taiwanese company founded in 1976 under the name Multitech, and then changed its name to Acer in 1987. The company has its headquarters in the city of Hsichih, Taipei, Taiwan. In 2005, Acer ranks the order of 4 for branded PC vendors.

Acer offers a wide range of products such as desktop and mobile PCs, servers and storage, LCD monitors and high-definition TVs, projectors, and the navigation / handheld. In 2000, Acer directing business to focus on technology development and user-friendly computing.

And decided to support the sale of products through specific marketing activities that utilize distribution channels. Revenues increased from U.S. $ 4.9 trillion in 2003 to U.S. $ 7 trillion in 2004. In 2005, Acer employs 7,800 people worldwide to support the sales and service network worldwide. And in 2006, revenues reached U.S. $ 11.32 trillion.

Acer's product line for Laptop is Acer TravelMate, Acer Aspire and Acer Ferrari at the forefront of technology. Acer Ferrari laptops have high quality and managed to get their own special place in the hearts of fans.

Acer Ferrari notebook market has been popular in Asia and Europe, and now are trying to get attention in the U.S. market. In 2006, Acer ranks first in 13 countries: Italy, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Hungary and the Slovak Republic.

Acer provides a range of notebooks with advanced features such as flexibility, strength and speed. Acer laptop prices cheaper than its competitors

Currently Acer laptop market, Acer Aspire desktop computers, notebooks, netbooks, monitors, Acer Altos servers, up to a projector. Acer's product prices are also quite competitive compared to similar products from competitors.

Some Acer Laptop Model

Acer Ferrari Laptop Acer Ferrari is a combination of 64-bit mobile technology updated, sleek design and cutting edge innovation, a notebook that is characterized by "no compromise".
Acer Aspire

Acer Laptop Ferrari

Acer TravelMate

Notebook Acer Ferrari laptop is ideal for professionals, who want to convey ideas and images with interesting capabilities. This laptop has a 15.4-inch high-resolution display with outstanding performance, versatile flash card slot, trayless double layer optical drive and 1GB of RAM. Acer Ferrari Laptop has best features that can be expected from a portable notebook.

Acer TravelMate : Acer Travelmate laptop is ultra portable notebook which has a high performance. Standard feature is a lightweight and excellent connectivity. This is an ideal product for mobile professionals from small companies to large companies and professionals who work for themselves.

Acer Travelmate Notebook is the best choice for those who need power, mobility and good performance from a laptop.

Acer Aspire: Laptop Acer Aspire notebooks at affordable prices that have added value in the form of strength, mobility and good performance.

Acer Aspire notebooks provide high performance and all you can expect from a complete mobile office and entertainment solution widescreen that can be used both for business and personal goals.

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