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Lenovo Group Limited Company History - Lenovo Group Limited, formerly known as Legend Group, the largest PC manufacturer in the People's Republic of China. In 2004, Lenovo is the eighth largest PC manufacturer in the world.

Lenovo also sells servers, handheld computers, imaging devices, and mobile phones. In addition, Lenovo also provides information technology integration and support services to him.

Its QDI unit offers contract production. In December 2004, Lenovo announced its intention to take over IBM's PC division, U.S. companies have had a monopoly in the PC market. This takeover is expected to make Lenovo can expand in the West in order to become the third largest PC manufacturer in the world.

On May 1, 2005, Lenovo officially took over the IBM PC division.

"In December 2004, IBM and Lenovo announced a strategic alliance with the release of IBM's PC division by Lenovo to be combined, as service providers end-to-end IT solution, IBM still need the PC division. Therefore, the ownership of those shares remains in Lenovo, in providing IT solutions certainly much to be available, ranging from the backbone of the server, and storage, do not miss its software.

"What's missing? Of course, all the client needs to access it, and the PC was the answer. That's why IBM did not immediately release their ownership in the PC division to Lenovo, but mixes in the form of strategic alliances ". Then, the question then is why Lenovo? Why not others?. There are several things that make IBM chose Lenovo as the alliance partners. One is the largest PC manufacturer Lenovo is in China according to IDC (International Data Corporation) at the time, therefore China is a populous country in the world and its market share of more than 30 percent, Lenovo would look "sexy" for IBM.

"In addition, Lenovo's PC is a premium in addition to the many similarities between the two, one of which is trust and service of excellence. In addition to the PC, Lenovo also manufactures servers, handhelds, PDAs, digital cameras, projectors, video conferencing devices, and various other consumer products. However, Lenovo can not be equated with cheap products from China that flooded Indonesia. "Class Mercedes Benz as the are now also manufactured in China.

Lenovo's own brand formerly sold under the Legend. Then over time changed to Legend Nuovo (new legend / new legend), and eventually became Lenovo, which patented the name until today. Lenovo product itself has not sold out there before China purchased IBM's PC division by it. This is in line with IBM who still need a strategic partner to manage its PC division. "So the ideals of Lenovo IBM wants to go international and continue to use the PC as part of its total solution can be realized in the presence of this strategic alliance".

Since the announcement of a strategic alliance between IBM and Lenovo in December 2004, began the process of synergy between the two. After a while, dated May 1, 2005 a new milestone in the history of IBM-Lenovo. "It was the IBM PC division officially became Lenovo's PC division.

Some Lenovo Products

Lenovo Thinkpad X1
Lenovo ideapad G460-4059

Lenovo ideapad G470-6641

Here are 7 'weapon' mainstay of the most championed Lenovo:

A. Design: Tampilam more elegant and targeted youth market. This assessment would not be included for your ThinkPad. Because, from the design, the ThinkPad does not seem to have evolved from the forms of courage. While other types of Lenovo products, so-so to say elegant.

2. Sensitive touch: One of the features is quite advanced in Lenovo's new product is a touch screen capabilities on its PC products. Touch-screen technology that brought the welcome was made specifically for Windows 7.

3. Recognation Face: The ability to recognize faces, in the range of Lenovo products are also claimed to have a better accuracy rate. In addition, the sensitivity settings can be adjusted according to user needs. Ranging from high to low security.
"The accuracy of Lenovo is better, even though the difference did not affect the accuracy of light,"

4. One Key: System 'one button' alias which serves as one key recovery systems and anti virus. This system, also said to be compatible with norton anti virus. Amazingly be executed when the user has not entered into an operating system or when it was still booting.

5. Airbag System: This is a special feature on the ThinkPad series. Its function as a cushion for the hard drive, a sort of anti-collision safety disk. "So even if the notebook is dropped, the data is not guaranteed to be lost,"

6. Lenovo Energy Management: This is a utility regulator of the battery. The goal, the user can manage the computer battery battery jinjingnya because intake can be customized as needed.

7. Dolby Surround: Notebook Lenovo also has support Dolby technologies. Stereo sound can be used to upmix to surround sound and have better clarity than ordinary speakers.

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