Motherboard PC Hardware Components

Motehrboard is a circuit board where a variety of interconnected electronic components such as on a PC or Macintosh and commonly abbreviated to mobo said.

Another sense of the motherboard or in other words, the mainboard is the main form of pcb board that has a bios chip (driver program), lines and connectors for connecting access to each device.

Motherboards are mostly found in the market today is the PC's motherboard was first made on the basis of order to fit the IBM PC specification.

Motherboard or collectively, the Parent Board Motherboard is the main component of a PC, because the motherboard was all the components of your PC will be united. Form of the motherboard such as an electronic circuit board. The motherboard is the place passed lalangnya data. The motherboard connects all the computer equipment and make it work together so that the computer running smoothly.

The motherboard was first made in 1977, by Apple for its Apple II. For information, used computer parts such as CPU and memory are placed in a separate card, and connected by wires. It looks very complicated.

Since it is very troublesome to connect one PC components with other components, the developers of computer products have an idea to create a special place to accommodate a variety of computer peripherals. Creates a board that contains a wide variety of slot as the plugging PC components. Board was named the motherboard.

In the early developers of the motherboard is the company Micronics, Mylex, AMI, Huppauge, Orchid Technology, Elitegroup, and DFI. In addition, there are still some other moherboard manufacturers from Taiwan.

Between 1980 and 1990, merging some functions of imaging peripherals into the motherboard dalammoterboard pushed into a more economical form. The first integration is performed by combining the slot keybor, mouse, and floppy drives and serial ports and parallel ports to the motherboard.

If you notice, until now the standard form of the motherboard is still changing. Entry standards were first used to use PC / XT, and IBM use. After that, came back AT (Advanced Technology). After AT, emerging new standard which is still used, the ATX (Advanced Technology Extension). Standard ATX and Mini ATX and modified into a Micro ATX.

Motherboard components

component motherboard
Power Connector

Pin power connector that connects the motherboard to the power supply in case of a computer. In the AT type motherboard, casing is needed is the type of AT as well. AT type power connector consists of two parts, where the two wires from the power supply will be stuck there. In type ATX, power supply cables together in one header is intact, so you just drove it on the motherboard. This cable consists of two columns correspond to the pin on the motherboard that consists of two pin array as well. There are several types of motherboard provides two power connectors, AT and ATX. Most new motherboards have ATX type.

Processor Socket or Slot

There are several types of plugs to plug in your processor. Model longest ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) Socket 7 or Socket 7 popular terms. Socket is compatible to Intel-made processors, AMD, or Cyrix. Processor models are usually used for a long time (up to generation 233 MHz). There is another socket called Socket 370. Socket to Socket 7 is similar but the number of pins as the name suggests, 370 seeds. Socket is compatible with Intel-made processors. While AMD's own name with the term socket Socket A, where the pin is also different from the socket 370. A term used to designate the brand AMD Athlon processor. For Intel Pentium processor family II and III, which is used slot called Slot 1, while the motherboards that support AMD processors use a slot A to slot kind of like that.

North bridge controller

VIA VT8751A prsessor that provide an interface with 533/400MHz frequency, which supports Intel Hypertheading Tecnologi, system memory interface to be operating at 266MHz, and 1.5V AGP interface that supports AGP 2.0 specification including 4X write speed protocol.

Memory Socket

Also there are two types of memory sockets are now circulating on the computer. Indeed, there is also a new socket for Rambus DRAM, but until now there has been a lot of users who use it. Socket length is still quite popular is the SIMM. Socket pin consists of 72 modules. The second socket has 168 pin modules, which are designed in one direction. You can not put it upside down, because the strain on the motherboard has been adapted to the type of DIMM memory socket.

Floppy and IDE connectors

This connector connects the motherboard to save computer devices such as floppy disk or hard drive. IDE connector on a motherboard usually consists of two, one is the primary IDE and the other is the secondary IDE. Primary IDE connector connects the motherboard to drive primary master and secondary master device. Meanwhile, the secondary IDE connector is usually connected with CDROM pirantipiranti to such slave and the slave drive. How to connect a pin with cable? It was easy. IDE ribbon cable has a dash of red on one side. Strip the red mark, the red berstrip cable plugged in the pin number 1 on the connectors. When the stick upside down, the device is attached will not be recognized by the computer. The same goes for the cable connecting the floppy with the pin on the motherboard.

AGP 4X slot

This image penyelerasi port slot supports 3.3V/1.5V AGP Graphics Card 4X mode for 3D graphics applications.

South bridge controller

VIA VT8235 integrated peripheral controller which supports various I / O functions including 2-channel ATA/133 bus master IDE controller, up to 6 USB 2.0 ports, LCP interface super I / O, AC'97 interface and PCI 2.2.

Standby Power LED

This lamp is lit when there is standby power on the motherboard. This LED acts as a reminder (reminder) to turn off the system power before turning on or turning off the engine.

PCI slots

Pegembangan slot PCI 2.2 32-bit PCI bus master in9i mensopport cart cart like SCSI or LAN with a maximum output of 133MB / s.

PS / 2 Mouse Port

This green 6-pin connector is for the mouse.

Motherboard Component

Parallel and Serial ports

In type AT, serial and parallel port not integrated in the motherboard but is connected via cable. Thus, the pin motherboard available for plugging in a cable. Bermacammacam parallel port functions, ranging from connecting a computer with printer, scanner, up to connect a computer with specific peripherals designed using the parallel port connection.

Serial port is typically used to connect the cable modem or mouse. There are also other devices that can be plugged into the serial port. The type of ATX motherboard, parallel and serial ports are integrated in the motherboard, so you do not need to plug cables are troublesome.

RJ-45 Port

Port 25-pin connector connects the LAN through a central network.

Line in jack

Line in jack (light blue)connect the tape player or other audio sources. At 6-channel mode, this jack function to be bass / mid.

Line out jack

jack line out (lime) connects to headphones or speakers. At 6-channel mode, this function is a speaker jack out front.

Microphone jack

Jack mic (pink) is synchronize to the microphone. At 6-channel mode function rear speaker out jack is back.

USB 2.0 port 1 and port 2

Status of port USB (universal serial bus) 4-pin is provided for connecting USB 2.0 devices.

USB 2.0 port 3 and port 4

Status of port USB (universal serial bus) 4-pin is provided for connecting USB 2.0 devices.

Video Graphics Adapter Port

15-pin port is for a VGA monitor or VGA-compatible devices

Keyboard connector

There are two types of connectors that connect the motherboard to the keyboard. One is a serial connector, while the other one is a PS / 2 connector. AT type serial connector or a round, larger than the model of the PS / 2 had, with a pin hole total of 5 pieces. Meanwhile, PS / 2 connector has a pin hole diameter is 6 pieces and less than half of AT models.

CMOS battery

This battery serves to provide power to the motherboard to recognize the installed configuration, when he did not / do not get power from the power supply

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